Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 10/18

Tell Me More About You!

It’s TMI Tuesday again. You know that dreaded interview question “Tell me about you/yourself?” Who the hell knows how to answer that! These questions are a lot more fun (and easier) way to Tell Us More About YOU

P.S. Based on your answers we will make snap judgements and form stereotypical opinions about you

1. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”…What is it that you will show me?

Maybe my tattoos and piercings. I'm very shy though, so it's unlikely I'd be having this conversation anyway.

2. What was the last thing you regret buying?

I am a very careful shopper, so I really don't regret the things I buy, because my purchases are well-researched before I ever get to the store. Oh - I can say I regret cheating and buying that chocolate bar on the weekend.

3. How happy are you? 1 = not happy at all to 5 = very happy

This depends on what aspect of my life we're talking about. Certainly there are areas where I'm a 1 or 2, but overall I think I'm a pretty happy person, so based on that, I'll say 4.

4. Last night, what did you go to bed thinking about?

I said goodnight to L on IM. He didn't answer right away, so I went and brushed my teeth and got undressed and into bed and still no response. I didn't feel like I could wait another moment, because I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open....so I signed out and shut my eyes hoping he wasn't put out that I just said goodnight and zzzzzzzzzzz....

5. Tell us something that made you happy this past week or made you think “that’s cool!”
Hmmm.....lots of good things happen to me all the time, so it's hard to choose. I have to say that the thing that made me happiest this past week was that I started to feel incrementally better than I had been in a long time. I've been struggling with my health for a while now and I seem to have finally turned the corner!

Bonus: What is your favorite mark of punctuation? Why?
If you've read my writing at all, you know that it's got to be the exclamation mark! It's very versatile - it can denote extremes of all sorts - surprise, pain, anger, pleasure and best of all, happiness!

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  1. Oh that sitting waiting thing, waiting for the last IM to come in when you know it's only going to say goodnight... painful to leave, that.

  2. 1. Let me help you get over your shyness...practice showing me :)

    2. You're the second TMI-er that has had regrets about a chocolate bar. LOL

    5. Yaaay! That's great news V. I wish you more and more and more good health.

    !!!! Happy TMI Tuesday !!!!


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