Monday, February 20, 2012

We said: A Change'll Do Ya Good

The disappearance of the Granddaddy of infidelity bloggers in a puff of smoke along with the departure of other bloggers in my blog reading list highlights that blogs are like mushrooms - they pop up from nowhere and often disappear just as quickly. Disappear is perhaps the wrong word, though Granddaddy's blog did vanish. More often the bloggers just stop publishing new content with no explanation. Coming up with a unique view on our banging is often a struggle for me. It's always fun with V but making it fun for the reader can be tough.

We're planning to make some changes to our little blog. After a year and a half of writing about our shenanigans, we kind of feel a bit like our blog posts are getting repetitive and are probably not so entertaining to our readers. Trust me - for every motel afternoon we write about, there are three more we don't write about and for every visit to his workplace after hours that we write about, there are many more that we don't. Then there are many other things we don't - can't - write about, too - things that we've done and places we've gone - that would provide excellent blog fodder, but would be far too risky to share. The preservation of the relationship always takes precedence to us over the needs of the blog. The main tenets of our relationship are to experiment and push the boundaries of our sexuality and to have fun. Of course, we have other raison d'ĂȘtre, but those I mention are the primary ones that feed the blog. It seemed counterproductive to our relationship to be always with an eye to what's blog-worthy, since we were committed to posting weekly.

We are posting about similar scenarios all the time, though - lunchtime fun, after work fun and kinky fun with the odd visit to the track or a kinky party thrown in. Don't get me wrong - when L and I are together, things are not the least bit bromidic. The words kind, thoughtful, attentive and creative describe L as both a person and a lover. No matter what we're doing or where we're going - sexual or otherwise - there has never been a minute of time that I have spent with him where I didn't feel happy to be with him and I think I can safely speak for us both when I say that we greatly enjoy being together. We do wonder, however, how many times you can read about us having sex and still be entertained by it. How many different adjectives can be used to describe the pleasure he gives me? How many different ways can I explain how I try (and I hope, succeed) to make him feel cared for and appreciated, as he makes me feel? In other words, we are not bored, but we think you might be!

Our blog has had a very narrow view - a very specific purpose - and that has been to document our dalliances. We think we need to pull back a bit and capture a broader view. The changes at this point are not vast. What we propose to do is to continue to post L's Naughty Picture of the Week on Fridays, as well as participate in the TMI meme weekly on Tuesdays. We will also continue to answer any Formspring questions that come our way as candidly as we are able, though we have received very few of those. Although we have also decided to continue to post stories of our sexploits, after today they will not be appearing each and every Monday as they have always been. We will instead be posting stories as new boundaries are pushed and as things happen that we consider blog-worthy. We also hope to be able to introduce some new features that we have in the works.

We're not going away, though. I can wholeheartedly say that I have really enjoyed writing. It's something I had never done prior to the start up of this blog and am happy to have the outlet it allows. It's often quite difficult to be so happy about things with L and to not be able to share that joy with the people around you. This blog allows me to share just a bit of that joy with you, our readers and I thank you for reading and for the comments you share.

We'd welcome your feedback about our planned changes and any ideas you may have, things you'd like to read about or anything else you'd like to see here. We'll certainly consider any suggestions you have to spice things up and make them more interesting to you! Oh, and if you're reading, Granddaddy - we miss you!


  1. Hello, although I havent been posting as much to your blog I have always love reading your adventures. They are not at all repetitive or boring! I can't get enough of it.

    If u want to do something different just post more photos, or do a podcasts or recording of ur lovemaking or a short clips.. Do it creatively or something ..

    I love ur adventures

  2. I'm not bored. I like the unique take of this blog--a man vs. a woman's point-of-view of the same event.

    I confess, when my time is limited and my schedule's tight I peruse favorite blogs and read the shortest blog posts while bypassing the longer ones. I want to tap into as many of my sexy favorites as I can in the short amount of time I have.

    However, one of my enjoyable weekend morning events is sitting with a cup of coffee and going through my RSS feed to read many blogs posts, of various themes, of any and all lengths including this blog.

    I like your idea of sharing with readers about "new boundaries pushed." Your experience, thoughts, analysis, etc. would be an interesting read.

    I really enjoyed the HNT pics you two came up with. You should keep doing that. I know you've been doing your own thing since HNT ceased.

    Keep up the good work.