Monday, February 13, 2012

She said: Head Job

I was in a foul mood. It doesn't happen very often - I'm usually a very good-natured and even-tempered person (I think), but for several reasons - short of sleep and a need for sex, among others - I was not in a good mood on this day. I was chatting with L and as usual, he picked up on my dark mood right away. He asked if I were okay and also if he had done something to upset me. Of course, that made me feel bad - it's not fair for me to inflict my bad mood on other people. I told him I was just tired and horny and busy at work....and that I really needed a hug.

L suggested that though he couldn't do anything to help with the former three at the moment, he could certainly remedy the latter. He was going out that evening, but he offered leave a bit earlier to meet up with me prior for some hugs and kisses. That perked me up considerably and I looked forward to seeing him that evening. We met up in the parking lot of our favourite electronics store. I arrived first and was working on some drawings of a new tattoo I'm planning on when he pulled up. We went inside and started checking out some items we each wanted to look at. We wandered around for a short while, then took our purchases up to the cash desk to pay.

We each deposited our purchases in our cars, then I invited L to join me in the rental car I was driving to go for a ride. Familiar with the area since I used to work there a long time ago, I drove straight for a nearby industrial area and pulled into a parking lot. It was well-lit, yes, but it was large and there were hardly any cars in it, so it would work to park well away from the building but yet be easy to keep watch.

We took off our seat belts and leaned toward each other. I buried my face in his neck and he hugged me and kissed my forehead. I pulled back and raised my lips to his for a kiss. We kissed and hugged for a couple of minutes before I whispered that I'd like to suck his cock.

The rental car was clearly not one I would purchase, given the choice. It had bucket seats and a huge console running between the two front seats and splitting at the dashboard. Very space capsule. Very comfortable. Not so good for cock sucking and since I do a lot of cock sucking, it certainly has to be a consideration when I purchase a car!

I leaned over the console as L unzipped and released his cock. I took him in my mouth eagerly and tried to adjust myself, but no matter how I tried, I could only take a small bit of his cock into my mouth - not much more than the head. I squirmed to try and get closer and because I was in such an uncomfortable position, my neck started killing me. Pressing my toes into the floor, I tried to lean even farther over and I was determined not to stop - I wanted L to cum. I licked and sucked the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around the ridge and using my lips and tongue to stimulate his frenulum.

I was doing the best I could under the circumstances, but I still felt as though he might not be getting enough stimulation. He did seem to be enjoying however and when he did eventually cum in my mouth, it was such a huge mouthful I had to stop to swallow twice before continuing to gently suck and clean him up. I sat up and said, "Wow, that was quite a mouthful, Mister!"

My neck was not feeling that great, but I bounced back quickly and soon we were on our way back to the electronics store and L's car. After a big hug and a kiss - this time outside of the car - we said goodbye and each went on our way. I felt much lighter now. A big smile on my face, I put the car in gear and left.


  1. V - Isn't it lovely when you can be read so easily and have your foul mood whisked away? I could completely relate to this. I was a bit moody on Friday, but giving Drake a blow job was all I needed to perk me up and even me out again.

  2. So...all I have to do is take you to that store and I get a blowjob. Sounds good to me! ;)