Monday, February 13, 2012

He said: A Little Bit Off the Top

When chatting with V I realized that she was in a a blue mood. Usually a few hugs and kisses will set her right so I offered to meet her at our favourite electronics store later that day. V is a bit of a gear head so even browsing the aisles of the electronics store will perk her up. When I arrived she was already waiting so we went inside and bought a few items then headed outside into the night. V asked if I wanted to go with her in her car so off we went to a secluded parking lot that we had visited in the past.

We hugged and kissed for a few minutes before V asked it I wanted her to suck my cock. How could I say no? V loves my hard cock in her mouth so I opened my pants and freed my cock from my underwear. V leaned over and took the head of my cock into her mouth. V usually takes as much in as she can but this time she was bobbing up and down with just the head in her mouth. At first I thought she was trying a new oral sex technique but it soon dawned on me that her fancy rental car was the cause of the change. The wide console and deep bucket seats meant she was stretched as far as she could and couldn't get any lower. V, always the trouper didn't complain, she simply redoubled her efforts to make me cum, using her hand to play with my balls. I did my best to scan the area for cars and people so we wouldn't disturbed. This distraction made V's task even more difficult because of my divided attentions but her magic mouth soon had me cumming. A quick cuddle and kiss and V took me back to my car.The spring was back in her step and there was a smile on her face as we exchanged a quick and hug and kiss before we went on our ways.