Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TMI Tuesday - 7/10

Blankety Blank
Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks.

1. I could spend all day fucking but couldn't stand five minutes wearing mittens.  (Or socks...or a hat...he knows me well.)

2. I would love to have a robot in my house to do me because no one else (in my house) ever does.

3. The older you get the more horny you get.   ( I think it's the whore-moans)

4. I want to be naughty when I am with L.

5. My appetite for sucking cock can never be satisfied.

Bonus: If I were a hoarder, I would hoard matching bra and panty sets.  (Oh wait.....I already do that)

L was a real sweetie today and answered my questions for me (well, all but #2).  I read them out, then transcribed his responses.  Can't say that I agree with them all....and they seem to have a very particular theme.  He must be in a naughty mood.  Hope it holds over until tomorrow, when I'll see him.


  1. Sexy answers! I can vouch for #3; we're hornier now than we ever were, and we suspect that it'll only increase as we get older.

    Love your answer to #5. The world needs more women like you.

  2. 1. I could spend all day: wearing mittens--love them vs. gloves, wearing hat I adore those too.

    2. LOL...you don't need a robot for that you've got L

    3. hahaha! L did write this didn't he?