Friday, November 2, 2012

L's NPOTW - Autumn Leaves

Our first picture - just starting to change
What a Difference!

What a difference two weeks makes.  The days changed very quickly.  The first picture on the left was taken when the days were still warm, though with an unmistakeable coolness in the breeze and the nights were chilly.  A couple days after, the warm days said goodbye and it started to become much cooler.  Day after day we've had rain, dreary skies and weather that was very chilly indeed!

The following week

All gone and ready for winter!

Between then and now, there have been exactly two days in between that have been glorious. Relatively warm with sunshine and beautiful skies.  Each of those times, we have had the opportunity to visit our "secret spot" - the little hard-to-find clearing we've told you about.  The second week, V remarked how changed the tree in the clearing was just from the week before.  The third week we went, she was sad to see that the leaves were already all gone.

Autumn is a season followed immediately by looking forward to spring!
                                                                                       ~Sir Francis Bacon

V being camera shy in the woods

Here's the naughty bit: 

Save a tree - eat a beaver!

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