Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We said: MBE 2012

Crowd gathered around two scenes in progress
Once again, L and I had the opportunity to attend MBE - Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza.  Even bigger and better than last year, it was truly an incredible showcase of all types of bondage.  We were able to watch at least 15 different scenes.  While it was apparent that there was a vast difference in the capabilities of the riggers, we still enjoyed ourselves and were amazed at some of the elaborate work.  Here are some descriptions and pictures of some of our favourite scenes:

A very tall, very lovely and very pregnant woman was being tied with a fabulous rope corset.  The rope corset was an amazing enhancement to her already-beautiful body.  The rigger, a man in jeans and a leather vest did an absolutely fantastic job - it was just stunning!  Unfortunately, flash photography was not permitted in the venue and the area they were working in was not well lit, so I was not successful in capturing a picture of suitable quality to share with you.

The Big 'O'

On a stage, a very well-dressed rigger, complete with mutton-chops tied his bunny's bent arms and legs, then slipping the rope under her squatting body and through her legs, he positioned a knot just so, bringing her to orgasm with just a few tugs of his rope.  I was absolutely fascinated with her facial expressions and took many pictures.  Her rapture was incredible to watch.

Like a bird!

In another area, another rigger did an inverted suspension that upon completion, rendered his bunny bird-like, body arched and her arms extended as though in flight.  It was very interesting to watch it take shape and I was fascinated.  The finished tie was very beautiful.

Twisted and spun while secured in the bamboo pyramid.

Yet another very elaborate scene used a pyramid constructed of bamboo poles.  I watched for a very long time while they secured the four corners of the fact it was taking so long that I walked away to view other scenes.  I was glad some time later that I had returned in time to be able to see the pyramid ready for use with the bunny now secured to the frame.  Tied to two of the poles, she held on tightly while the rigger strained to connect the pyramid to the suspension point, moving it upward gradually with the help of some caribiners and brute strength.  He succeeded of course, though with much effort and the suspended structure with the bunny inside was spun and twisted to great effect.

 Overall, the event was just an incredible showcase of talent - the amount of work that must have gone into making it happen is just mind boggling.  When we left The Great Hall after several hours in the venue, my ears were kind of numb from the super loud music - that had made it a bit hard to chat in there, but we talked all the way home about all the different things we saw and liked.  Since we attended the event, we didn't get a chance to see the video feed that was going on, but we're hoping there will be a rebroadcast that we will be able to tap into and enjoy the scenes we were unable to catch and maybe even enjoy seeing our favourites again.

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