Monday, September 3, 2012

We said: Afternoon Delight

It’s been a busy summer for us both.  We’ve been able to fit in some great times in between our regular meet ups – a camping day, beach day and a hike in the woods to name just a few.
We recently had a weekend day where, for once, we had no other family plans….we'd be able to spend a little more time together and not just be fitting in a short meet up between other obligations.  The problem with that is that there are so many things we could do with a little more time, it's hard to choose what to do with the time when we get it.  We still had some pot left and I suggested to L that we smoke some.  L was certain that there would have been a marked decline in its efficacy since we’d had it around for so long, so I suggested we try it and see - and if he really thought its potency so greatly reduced, then he should make the joint larger than usual.  I arrived just as he finished rolling a big fatty and I left my stuff in his office and we headed outside to smoke it.
I only took three or four good drags, so L had the bulk of it.  The last one I took sent me into a serious coughing fit and I had to decline any more.  As we went back inside, I asked what he thought of the potency and he thought he felt "just a bit" high.  We went back inside and set up in our favourite spot.  L had forgotten to bring our blanket, but had found a suitable alternative.  Being much, much larger than our blanket, I joked that it was a treat to have a king sized “bed” instead of just a double for a change.  We laughed, got undressed and lay down together.
We embraced and just lay together for quite a while, silently caressing and connecting, kissing every now and again.  He reached over and touched my leg, gesturing that I should open for him. I did and he quickly found my wetness and started fingering me.  First one finger...then two.  Still lying beside me, he didn't have the reach to penetrate me too deeply, but it felt good nonetheless.  By the time he had several fingers in use, I started to feel his cock growing hard against my thigh and I reached down and took it in my hand to help him along. As my hand ran over the head of his cock, I felt the wetness of pre-cum.  My favourite! It crossed my mind to sit up and suck his cock, but before I could do so, I was taken aback to find my hand full of wetness.  Did he just cum in my hand?  I said nothing…we had all afternoon and there was plenty of time for recovery…but to my surprise, moments later he rose and settled himself between my legs, slid into me and started to fuck me.
It seemed to me that L was having a real struggle.  He’d slide into me once, then pause.  Twice more, then stop.  Another stroke, grinding his cock hard into me…a look of intense concentration on his face.  I assumed he was trying very hard not to cum.  Though my mind understood this, my body struggled with patience as I wriggled beneath him, desperate for more - each time he stopped felt like torture.  After a couple repeats of this, he seemed to get by the difficulty and started fucking me with abandon.  Fucking while under the influence is not necessarily better, but certainly is different.  I find that I am more keenly aware of every touch, stroke and sensation.  In no time at all, I exploded in the most delicious orgasm and L was close behind.
We lay there, still connected for a while, but L’s erection did not subside, as would often be the case, so he just resumed fucking me.  I reached down between us and with my thumb resting on my piercing, I separated my fingers so that my index and middle fingers rested one on either side of his cock.  As he slid in and out of me, the sides of my fingers rubbed along the length of him.  That wasn't the first time I've done that - I sometimes like to touch and feel his cock with my hand as he fucks me.  I wondered if it made any difference to him - did that feel good to him?  Did it enhance the feeling for him? Or was it distracting?  I had never asked. He has never complained. After a longer session, he came again.
He pulled out and lay beside me.  We snuggled for a few moments and I think we dozed off for a bit.  He woke shortly after to see me intently staring at him.  He looked at me questioningly and I said I was deciding whether his eyebrows needed trimming.  He suggested that they were fine, but that he didn't want me near him with a sharp implement at the moment anyway.  I laughed and said I was fine and not stoned, but then made some other comment that had me giggling away and he said with a grin, "You are not fine!"

We were soon back at it again.  I offered to ride him, but since L didn't want me to over exert myself (I think L mentioned a while back that I've been ill lately - unfortunately, I continue to struggle with a profound lack of energy), I once again lay back and he took charge.  When he was done, I felt thoroughly used (but in the best possible way).  As he pulled away, I had a sudden urge and I blurted out, "Can I suck your cock?"  We both started laughing right away, not because of what I said, but how I had blurted it out so earnestly.  I sat up as he lay down beside me and I sucked his still turgid cock, the taste of both of us tantalizing my tongue.  At one point, I wanted to climb on top and ride that cock, but after three rounds, not only was I a bit tired, but I also thought I'd better take pity on the poor man and not overdo it.  

I moved up beside him and he decided to check his phone to see how we were doing for time.  We were both shocked to see the time.  We felt like hours had elapsed.  We had gone at least three rounds with little pause in between, had a snooze and cuddled and we had been there for only one hour!  In fact, we grabbed my phone to double check the time, we were so full of disbelief.  Both completely spent, we spent the remainder of our time together watching a movie and having a snack.

When the movie finished, we cleaned up, got dressed and packed up.  We kissed and went our separate ways.  I felt wonderfully sated and decidedly lethargic.  Tired, but a good tired.  Indeed, I curled up for a nap as soon as I got home.

L here - I am a terribly lazy blogger. V wrote this post weeks ago and asked me to go in and add my comments. I promptly forgot and a week later when she asked again I was suprised because I had thought she would have given up on me and went ahead and published. 

Now so much time has passed that whenever I think about the day all I can do is smile. A threefer in an hour while high... V's enthusiasm to give me dynamite blowjob... I guess there is only one thing I can do - roll a big fat joint, get V high and do it all again.

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