Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TMI Tuesday - 2/5

The Erotic Home

I don't currently live in a household where sex flourishes, so it is never a consideration when buying anything, however I have no doubt that if I were living in a home with L, that even the pancake flipper would be purchased with sex in mind.  Between that knowledge and also having vacationed with him a number of times over the years, I think I'd have sufficient data to respond to these questions, keeping that scenario in mind.

1. When you bought your bed frame, did you evaluate it in terms of ropes, handcuffs, etc?
Yes!  The purchase of a bed frome would absolutely involve ensuring there were posts or some other means of tying off rope.  We've managed in beds with no posts by running rope from side to side under the bed or tying off to the feet, but posts make it so much easier!

2. Aside from beds, was sex ever a major consideration in choosing a piece of furniture?
On one of our vacations, there was a huge sofa in the living room, very deep and long enough that L was able to lie down comfortably (he is very tall!).  It was so wide we were able to snuggle down together watch tv.  I'm sure if it were in our own home, we'd probably use it for sex at some point. So I have to believe that other furniture items might be judged for their use also.  Table heights would be another consideration.

3. Have you ever had anyone else (friend, mom) say a piece of your furniture was inappropriate because it was clearly for sexual purposes?
No.  We'd really love to get some of that Liberator furniture, but that would be pretty hard to conceal.

4. Do you have a piece of furniture that has a stain caused by bodily fluids (baby vomit not included)?
No, but only because I'm meticulous about cleaning up after ourselves. :D

5. Do you have anything in your beside table you wouldn’t want your father or mother to know about?
Since that's where I keep my toys, yes.  I'd rather my children didn't find them either.

6. Do you own any exercise equipment that is useful for sex?
I have exercise equipment, but nothing that I could imagine using for sexual purposes.

7. Aside from your bedroom, what room do you have sex in most often?
The games room. 

8. Do you have any electronics (TV, stereo) etc in your bedroom that are on during sex?
No, but most often when we are in the games room, there is porn playing on the big screen tv!


  1. :)
    Good answers
    #7 have me all dreaming of nice game room!!!
    Happy TMI

  2. 2. Yes, table heights are very important. My breakfast table is perfect for me to be over and taken, very comfortable to be in that position on that table.

    3. I've sat on that chair to watch a female couple having sex on another Liberator chair.

    5. You need a toy box. :)