Monday, March 5, 2012

We said: The Cosmo Donut Challenge

I read a blog post last week that amused me. Faile from Changing Views was writing about a topic she read about in a post on another blog. Both Faile - and Femi from Deviantly Romantic in turn - were discussing an article in Cosmo online called 31 Days of Hot Sex, where Cosmo provided 31 days of sexual "challenges" for their writer to try. I read Cosmo for the articles not for the pictures of topless models.

I am not a Cosmo reader and certainly wouldn't find that sort of publication at all interesting, but in fairness, I don't think I'm exactly the demographic Cosmo is writing for. This article, however, seemed particularly silly. So silly, in fact, that I even asked L, who I was chatting online with at the time, if any of the following would elicit any excitement from him at all: eating a donut off his penis; doing a "Dirty 360" (where you spin 360 degrees while remaining impaled on his cock); taking off all his clothes using only your mouth; grabbing him and kissing him passionately for a minute or sketching him nude. L's response? "The donut sounds funny." Men. Sigh. Sometimes I think V has too much time on her hands to read blogs. Maybe it's not her but the people at Cosmo. Sketching me nude, undressing me with her mouth? Pleeeasssseeeee. Whatever happened to good old sucking and fucking? BTW, V said it was ok to make comments in her post, I'm putting them in red so you can tell it's me and not V.

As it happens, I was seeing L the following day, so en route - just for laughs - I stopped off and picked up a couple donuts from the local Tim Horton's, Canada's donut shop of choice. I stood for several moments perusing the racks of donuts to decide which kind, because frankly, the holes in these donuts were far too small to fit L's cock through any of them! I hit upon an idea and ordered two honey crullers. These donuts, unlike all the others, are somewhat expandable, since they are much like an accordion!

After a seriously sexy round of doggy style fucking, we had some lunch and then decided to try out the donut. L removed the donut from the bag and suggested I'd need to remove some of the middle of the donut to make room for his cock. I stopped him just as he moved to widen out the hole. That method may have worked for other donut types, but not for a cruller. While the accordion shape allows for some expansion, it also makes it rather a fragile donut, so I didn't want to spoil the integrity of it right off the bat. Doggy style mmmmm, that harness was sure a good buy. Grab those and handles and pulling V back onto my cock was fucking amazing, or should that be amazing fucking? Oops sorry I forgot we were writing about donuts, so sorry.

As I took the donut from him, L suggested I suck him to get him hard prior to popping the donut on, but I felt it would be better if we could get the donut on while he was flaccid. Clearly, I had already put a lot of thought into how this was going to work! Overruled again, he left it to me and indeed, I was able to gently get it in place, without breaking penis or donut. I was quite pleased with myself and grabbed the camera right away, to L's amusement. He lay back to enjoy the proceedings. My cock looks like it's wearing one of those frilly clown collars in that picture.

The first thing I did was to gently lick off the residual sugar from the head of his cock. Once I took care of that, I took more of him in my mouth, sucking off the bits of sugar. He was hardening in my mouth and I shut my eyes and concentrated on swirling my tongue along his shaft as I slowly took his cock in and out of my mouth. I soon realized that L had gotten very hard indeed, so I pulled back and found that he had already destroyed the donut! The donut, ripped apart by his hardening cock, lay in pieces haphazardly around his shaft. As you can see from the picture above from my vantage point it looked like the donut had survived the inflation of my cock unscathed.

Not one to let a perfectly good donut go to waste, I popped a piece of the donut in my mouth. Love those crullers - they're like eating a lightly glazed cloud! I offered a piece to L, who declined. I finished the donut, then licked his cock and surrounding area to remove as much of the sugar as possible before sending him to wash up. I wanted to put that nice hard cock to use, but needed all that sugar residue off first! I figured that since V had done all the work she was entitled to the spoils of war.

He returned and I reprised my role as fluffer until he regained his previous splendour, at which point I lay back on the ground. Settling between my parted thighs, he entered me and fucked me soundly. We exploded into orgasm moments apart and languished with his still rigid cock sliding gently in my pussy for a short while before separating. He has a name you know - why do I feel like the stunt cock in this post?

Silly as the donut was, we had some fun with it. Okay, I know this could hardly be construed as "pushing boundaries", but certainly it falls under blog-worthy fun, no? I think so, now bend over so I can do you doggy style again.


  1. L's interjections were funny.

    Ooh. being fucked doggie style while wearing a harness for extra strong pumping sounds devine. I love doggie.

    "My cock looks like it's wearing one of those frilly clown collars in that picture. "

    *giggle, snort, giggle*

    It does!

    The photos are great. Love the sexy pick of L's cock in V's mouth and the donut at the base of his shaft.

    Love this post...tweet, tweet!


  2. Love those crullers too.
    With food they say it's all about the presentation and what a nice presentation! (L, I feel like I know you so much better now.)

  3. Great post! V's mouth on L's cock looks so sexy and makes us hot.